G. W. Williams Co. is a privately-held firm headquartered in San Mateo, CA. Our real estate holdings are concentrated in the Western region of the United States and consist of a diversified portfolio of product types. Currently, the firm owns apartment communities, industrial, commercial and office properties.​

Founded in 1923, G. W. Williams Co., a partnership, began constructing single family homes on the San Francisco Peninsula.  The firm grew over the years, building several small subdivisions, commercial properties, World War II wartime housing for the military and an Army hospital.​

In 1946, G. W. Williams Co., a corporation, replaced the partnership and began the development of several home subdivisions in the Bay Area and Sacramento.  The Company developed commercial properties in San Bruno and South San Francisco and, later, light industrial properties, mainly in the San Carlos/Belmont area.

While G. W. Williams Co. remains a family-owned corporation, employee dedication, active management, and an experienced board have helped the firm to earn its well-respected reputation in the business community.