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About G. W. Williams Co.

G. W. Williams Co. is a fourth generation, privately-held real estate investment company based in San Mateo, California. The Company owns multi-family, light industrial, commercial, and office properties. Management of these properties is overseen by the Company's Asset Management Division.

The Company presently operates in nine distinct geographic regions—eight regions within the United States and one region in Europe. Within the United States, the Company has holdings in California—San Francisco Peninsula, Greater Sacramento, and Greater San Diego Areas; Washington State—Greater Seattle Area; Arizona--Greater Phoenix Area; Tennessee—Nashville Area; Florida—Jacksonville and Orlando Areas. In Europe, the Company has holdings in Switzerland's Greater Zurich Area, Aargau, and Bern.

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George W. Williams—The Founder

George W. Williams, Founder of G.W. Williams Co.

In 1923, George W. Williams (1900 - 1986) founded G. W. Williams Co., a partnership, and began constructing single family homes on the San Francisco Peninsula. The firm grew over the years, building several small subdivisions, commercial properties, World War II wartime housing for the military and an Army hospital.

In 1946, G. W. Williams Co., a corporation, replaced the partnership and began the development of several home subdivisions in the Bay Area and Sacramento. The Company developed commercial properties in San Bruno, South San Francisco, and, later, light industrial properties, mainly in the San Carlos/Belmont area. During this period, the acquisition and building of multi- family properties concentrated the Company's area of operation on the San Francisco Peninsula and in the Sacramento area.

George W. Williams III—Second Generation Leadership

George W. Williams III, Second Generation Leadership of G.W. Williams Co.

George W. Williams III (1930 – 2016), son of the founder, joined the firm in 1952, working in subdivision development and property management. He became President in 1966, President/Chief Executive Officer in 1990, and Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board in 1992. He retired from the firm in 2007.

Scott W. Williams—Third Generation Leadership

Scott W. Williams, Third Generation Leadership of G.W. Williams Co.

Scott W. Williams, grandson of the founder, joined the firm in 1977, working in property management and then in property development and acquisition. He became President in 1992, President/Chief Executive Officer in 1996, and President/Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board in 2002: He presently continues to serve the Company in these roles. It is Scott's vision, leadership, and love of flying that grew the Company fifteen-fold in twenty-five years.

Sean W. Williams—Fourth Generation

Sean W. Williams

Sean W. Williams, great-grandson of the founder, joined the Company in 2005. Having served in various positions, including Director of Asset Management, he is currently the President. As President, Sean oversees the functions and performance of the Asset Management Division, oversees the Swiss operations and serves as a key strategist in determining the future course of the Company. Additionally, he works with corporate counsel regarding legal concerns. Sean holds credentials as a CPM, Certified Property Manager, and CCIM, Certified Commercial Investment Member. He received a B. S. in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California and an M. B. A. in Business Administration from Santa Clara University

Aviation & Expansion

With the acquisition of its first airplane in 1990, the Company was able to more easily expand its radius for the pursuit of new properties in new regions. Scott served as the sole pilot before Sean came on board. Scott is an accomplished pilot with an ATP, Airline Transport Pilot, and is certified to fly both single and multi-engine aircraft. Sean is a Commercial, Instrument and both single and multi-engine rated pilot. Together both Scott and Sean can quickly reach new properties coming on the market ahead of their competitors. The aircraft also serves in the successful operation of the different properties in its portfolio—whether there is an improvement or a problem— employees can swiftly get there via the Company airplane.

Private Plane on Tarmac


The operations of the Company have increased considerably over the years through both active expansion pursuits into existing and new geographic areas and through renovation and modernization of its existing properties. While G. W. Williams Co. remains a closely-held private corporation, active management and employee dedication contribute to the firm's well-respected reputation in the business and real estate communities.